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About Us

Dear Friends,

I wanted to personally invite you to be a part of “RAFCA”, the Religion and Formation for Christian Adults”.  RAFCA is for anyone engaged in, or interested in, combining faith and human growth.

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RAFCA offers bible studies, church history, Syriac language, Maronite identity and more religious topics. From theological discussions of the Biblical basis of personal and community growth to practical discussions of short-term missions and faith-sharing, RAFCA attempts to answer the most pressing topics. You can see more of the schedule at https://www.rafca.net/events


One of the things that make RAFCA interesting is that each speaker has a different skill to share, from music and art to sports and healthcare, to computer science and job hunting, cooking and crafting, etc. Seminars, workshops and courses are offered. During the workshops, art and craftwork generated will be sold at different church events to benefit the community.


RAFCA is a great opportunity for networking. RAFCA is right-sized to give you unprecedent access to experts in urban health, Christian psychology, medical specialists, healing prayer, community health education, emotional burn-out, science and faith integration, sports and entertainment, just to name a few! 


Please prayerfully consider attending RAFCA.


If you are attending, please invite and bring a friend with you!